Monday, April 6, 2009

Perfect Pomodoro. Eet's a-Italinao! Bueno!

This is a restaurant that I actually frequent, and I am glad I do.

From the moment you enter, you are greeted by extremely friendly
employees. You are seated right away, and the deliciousness begins.

The bread that is served in the beginning is among the absolute best
you will find at any Italian restaurant. They bake it themselves daily.

It's not the real thick stuff that you usually get, and it's served up
warm, ever so slightly chewey, with a nice crunch.

Quite often, I do go out to eat with my other half, Ralph Lara. He was
a food critic at one time for L.A. Weekly, so he prides himself at
giving his opinion, which I am quite grateful for.

One thing he always raves about this place is the bread, and he feels
that it is impeccable.

It is served up with a side pesto sauce this is appropriately tangy.

For drinks, we got some Limonata - a wonderful, light, sparkling
Italian drink.

For a salad, we each had the Caesar. It was cold, and unusually crisp
for a restaurant style. I'm a lover of great croutons - especially
when they stand out. These crunchy, garlic wonders are
no exception!

Ralphie and I were fighting over it! He said, "I never have
had Caesar salad like this before!"

The dressing is far from overdone, and compliments perfectly.
I tasted every ingredient.

Our pizza was a margherita and we added chicken.
The chicken was grilled to perfection, and the crust was
sensationally thin. The tomato sauce was presently
vibrant and luscious.

We were served two olive oils w/pizza. A regular, and a spiced.
The spiced was nice for a couple of slices, but then, I wanted
without. I felt that the spicy was enough to carry though the
palette until the end. I do enjoy tasting my food with
spice compliment, and not just spice alone.

We did end up asking for some of their bread to go, and it
wasn't a problem.

For the quality and service you get, they are, thankfully,
under priced.

For locations, downloadable menus, and further information please
go here -

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